Before founding Percentage Property, Kelvin has been hands on in the property space for over 10 years and has been part of countless property transactions both from a buyer’s perspective and a seller’s perspective. Having enjoyed his various roles in sales for most of his working life coupled with his passion in property it only made sense to combine the two and so Percentage Property was born.

Sales Executive

Erik is an active property investor that has been involved with many property transactions personally. With extensive experience with new developments and existing dwellings he is an expert with all aspects of the sales process. Erik's focus is to ensure that properties are marketed in their best possible light to get the best possible returns.

Sales Associate

Nelson has extensive experience in the property industry. Having worked for numerous agencies, he brings the best service and experience to all our clients to ensure that the buying and selling process is smooth. He is all about getting the best results for all parties.

Sales Associate

Felix brings many years of experience in the real estate industry and world class customer service and experience to all our clients. Felix is committed to ensuring that all parties understand the whole process and feel comfortable when making those important decisions.

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